Convert Your Bathroom Into a Spa With Spa Accessories

Unwind in the luxury of your home spa? Wondering how is it possible? Must cost a heck of money? With little spending on spa accessories and imagination, you can have your very own spa?

Moreover, it will cost you less to relax in your spa than a single sitting you spend in spa services. First of all, taking out time for the spa treatment somewhere else is an issue and the journey costs you too.

Spend on buying the essential spa accessories in the beginning and slowly you can build up on comforting luxuries.

Gather ideas using the computer and internet scurrying through all spa-related topics some for accessories, some about décor while others may give you the information on how and where you can shop for them.

Pools & Spas – Relax In Summer & Relax All Year Long

Pools and spas can be a little expensive to maintain but often, people think they are well worth it. Pools can be great family fun and a couple with a spa or hot tub can relax in it at the end of the day. They are also great physical therapy tools. Watch your water temperature – that it doesn’t cool off too much or get too hot – as well as the PH factor of the water. Bacteria can grow if any of those factors get out of whack. For an outdoor pool, there is usually chlorine to control bacteria, but some other chemicals can be used. Saltwater pools are more user-friendly but they are a little out of the ordinary and an expert could probably fill you in on what to do to get one working correctly. A pool surround can be plain or fancy and some steps should be conveniently placed so that the family can climb out with ease. If you have little ones, a string fence around a pool as well as a lockable lid on a spa, are necessary. Save time, energy, and most of all – costs, by shopping online at this easy-to-navigate site.

Must Things For The Hot Tubs

If you are looking for hot tubs in Ontario, look at the online sites selling hot tubs or go to the stores in Ontario that sell sanitary fixtures. After you buy a hot tub you need to properly insulate the hot tub.

Check the insulation in your hot tub including the shell cabinet, the underside of the floor, and the plumbing pipes. You also need to invest in a hot tub cover. Keeping the water covered will allow heating up early and helping in less requirement of energy. By adding floating thermal blankets you will improve the insulation of the water and saving energy consumption.

How To Line Ready Made Curtains

The process of lining ready-made curtains is not difficult. By following the proper steps, the results give the appearance of a purchased product. Anyone with sewing experience can complete the project in a day or less, depending on the size of the curtains.

The following supplies are needed:

Thread to match the curtain and liner, sewing machine or hand needles, scissors, pins, measuring tape, tailor’s chalk, the curtains, and of course, the lining fabric. A large, flat surface such as a kitchen table or dining table is useful as a worktable. Place a plastic covering over it to protect it from pins.

Lay the curtains face side down on the table. Carefully measure the length and the width. Since most curtain tops have gathered, measure the width at the bottom. The length measurement starts at the seam of the top folded over fabric and extends to two inches before the bottom of the curtain. Add one inch to the length measurement and to each of the sides for seams to enclose raw edges.

Careful selection of the lining material is important. Select fabric whose care label matches the curtain fabric, such as “washable” or “dry clean only.” If choosing thermal or black outlining fabric, study the care label before purchase, as many cannot be dry cleaned or tossed in a washer. For washable fabric, pre-wash to engage shrinkage before cutting or sewing.

Cut the lining material to the measurements. Fold over and press one-half inch along each side seam. Fold over and press one more half-inch, enclosing the raw edges. Stitch along the seams. Fold over and press the top seam as you did the sides. Leave the bottom seam alone for now.

If the curtains have gathered at the top, use a gathering stitch, or running stitch to gather the top seam to match. Using the sewing machine or hand stitching, attach the lining to the bottom of the curtain’s top seam. This hides the stitching from the front. Alternatively, attach hook and loop tape or snaps to the lining and the curtain for easy removal. This allows the use of different linings, such as sheers for parties, have linings that change with the seasons, or colors that change with the décor.

Hang the curtains and wait two to three days. The weight of the fabric will allow the lining to relax and stretch somewhat. This is the same process curtain makers use. After hanging, take the curtain and lining down, and using the same process for the top and side seams, sew the hem.

Making linings for ready-made curtains is a great way to save money and have curtains that match any décor. By making removable linings, the savings increase. Friends and neighbors will complement the cleverness of the lining maker.

Choosing Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Keeping the food safe for a long time has always been a concern. But today the biggest issue is how to choose energy-efficient refrigerators. These types of refrigerators require less power and they will reduce your energy bill considerably.

This is one of the reasons why buying such a refrigerator is a very good idea. These are some of the factors that ultimately determine the energy amount required by the refrigerator: the configuration, the size, the additional features (ice makers, heaters), and also the location of the refrigerator.

Many people think the size does not matter when it comes to energy consumption but that is not true. A large refrigerator will need a lot of energy to stay cool. The defrost feature also consumes a lot of energy. The other optional features that the refrigerators have also consume power and that is something you must prevent.

In addition, when you are selecting the perfect spot to put the refrigerator you must think about it well. You do not want to place it near the stove because it will heat up and it will try harder to cool itself down, consuming a lot of energy. So place it in a spot where the temperature can be maintained constant. You must also check your refrigerator from time to time and make sure it is not damaged. The damaged refrigerators will lose power and will increase your bills.

If you want an energy-efficient refrigerator, you should know that the model with the top freezer and bottom freezer is the best. It is better than the side-by-side mode as it consumes less energy. The mounted freezer refrigerators consume 10 to 25% less energy than the others.

Which Are The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators?

The refrigerator is probably the appliance that consumes the most energy. So you must be careful when you are buying one. Always see if it has the Energy Star logo on it. If the star is there, it means that the refrigerator is energy efficient. When the star is present on a product it usually means that the product is consuming 25-35% less energy than the regular models with no star.

The experts also say that the bills will drop significantly if you use a refrigerator with a star. Also, try to buy a new model, after 2001. They also consume less even if they do not have the star logo. Some experts say the Kenmore refrigerators are the most energy-efficient. Also, the Sun Frost refrigerators have a good reputation for being energy efficient, according to the consumers.

Solar Powered Refrigerators

Another interesting option for you is the solar-powered refrigerator. This has a solar cell that stores energy. There is a solar panel that is placed on top of the building and it picks up the energy from the sun. And we all know that solar energy is cost-free. Even if they cost a lot, solar-powered refrigerators are a good long-term choice.

Tips On Replacing A Garage Door

The main thing you should know about garage doors is that there are two main types: the sectional roll-up doors and the tilt-up doors. You will spend less money on a tilt-up door, but I would recommend the sectional roll-up if you have the extra money.

The superiority of the sectional roll-up door comes from the smaller space they occupy. Both inside the garage and in front of it, the occupied space is smaller, so there is extra space for your car.

The tilt-up door, on the other hand, is made of a single panel. Opening the door means pulling it out and pivoting it, so it can slide along the garage’s roof. They occupy extra space, so you might want to spend a little bit of cash and get the superior sectional roll-up door.

In most cases, the material used for garage doors is either steel or wood. This applies to both main types of garage doors, sectional roll-ups, and tilt-ups. Getting a garage door made out of wood means that it will look better, but you might have trouble maintaining it. A steel door will be more resistant, so in a cold or hot climate, it makes more sense.

You will spend more on a garage door made out of steel, but you will have less trouble with it. When picking a door made out of steel, you should check to see if rust prevention was part of its building process.

Other materials that are sometimes used for garage doors are fiberglass or aluminum. They do cost less than steel, so the price of the garage door decreases if you use them, but there are some things you should know before using them. These two materials are weaker than steel is, so the wear and tear will be visible faster. Taking into consideration the climate you live in, you might find out that steel doors are more energy-efficient.

Your house needs regular maintenance, and your garage door will require it as well. Properly maintaining it will ensure that it keeps its looks in time and it works as it should. If you don’t take care of it as you should, you might find out what a bad effect a bad-looking garage door might have on how your home looks.

Whatever material you choose, the garage door should be washed regularly. For example, a wooden door should be repainted every two years, so the material remains protected against the weather. In the case of a steel garage door, you can use car wax once a year, to give it a better look.

Motor oil should be used to make sure the parts work properly, as soon as you feel like it’s not moving as it should.

As for the safety part of the decision on which door to pick, you should know that are a large number of accidents involving garage doors each year. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to your kids, you should spend a bit more money and get an automatic garage door that has the function of automatic reverse.

Things You Should Know About Plantation Shutters

Do-it-yourself plantation shutters are quite small and they usually measure about 1 7/8 – inches to 5 ½ inches. You should also know that the average measurement is about 2 ½, 3, 3 ½, or 4 ½-inches. They also come in elliptical and flat selections.

The elliptical louver is thicker in the center and is much tougher than the flat louver. Normally, the plantation kits rely on the elliptical louver. Always bear in mind that the plantation panels measure about 1/8 inches in thickness and you should not get anything else narrower.

When you are searching for the perfect plantation shutters, you should consider a lot of factors that can influence your decision. The color of the shutter, its size, and width are extremely important and they play a big role. If you want a classic look, then the shutters must have a narrow width louver. The conventional look always has a wider louver. The most popular shutter colors are black, beige, cherry, gray, and green.

Today, the constructors are creating big houses with a wide space and a lot of windows. Window covers are also a fashion statement. The contemporary shutter style is highly used and the fact that it can provide you the intimacy you need represents a huge benefit.

Plus, the fact that the plantation shutters are do-it-yourself items is also impressive and you can use them to decorate bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces. The main reason why people use the shutters, besides having some privacy is the look a shutter gives to a house. Using the shutters adds a distinctive note to the environment.

The house you are living in will get a refined, polished look. Besides all this, the shutters help you regulate the light intensity in the room and you can easily adjust that to fit your needs.

Plantation shutters must not be confused with blinds or curtains. The main reason is that they do not have any gaps to allow the light to come to it. Once the shutter is closed, there is no light coming in and it also blocks the noise that comes from the outside of the home.

Also, when you are considering getting shutters, you should think about the money invested in the initial costs. The average price can be considered a little too high for some people.

Normally, the plantation shutters have a price based on the square meter. You should also know that the elliptical widths cost more than the flat-bladed ones. So, to get an accurate price, you need to know the exact width and height of the window. Even if the price of the plantation shutter kit is quite big, the long-lasting effects overcome that.

You can get some golden oak shutters measuring 34 ¼ inches wide and 50 inches tall for about $386 or the double-hung pure white shutters of 44 ¼ inches wide and 24 inches tall for $246.