Choosing Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Keeping the food safe for a long time has always been a concern. But today the biggest issue is how to choose energy-efficient refrigerators. These types of refrigerators require less power and they will reduce your energy bill considerably.

This is one of the reasons why buying such a refrigerator is a very good idea. These are some of the factors that ultimately determine the energy amount required by the refrigerator: the configuration, the size, the additional features (ice makers, heaters), and also the location of the refrigerator.

Many people think the size does not matter when it comes to energy consumption but that is not true. A large refrigerator will need a lot of energy to stay cool. The defrost feature also consumes a lot of energy. The other optional features that the refrigerators have also consume power and that is something you must prevent.

In addition, when you are selecting the perfect spot to put the refrigerator you must think about it well. You do not want to place it near the stove because it will heat up and it will try harder to cool itself down, consuming a lot of energy. So place it in a spot where the temperature can be maintained constant. You must also check your refrigerator from time to time and make sure it is not damaged. The damaged refrigerators will lose power and will increase your bills.

If you want an energy-efficient refrigerator, you should know that the model with the top freezer and bottom freezer is the best. It is better than the side-by-side mode as it consumes less energy. The mounted freezer refrigerators consume 10 to 25% less energy than the others.

Which Are The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators?

The refrigerator is probably the appliance that consumes the most energy. So you must be careful when you are buying one. Always see if it has the Energy Star logo on it. If the star is there, it means that the refrigerator is energy efficient. When the star is present on a product it usually means that the product is consuming 25-35% less energy than the regular models with no star.

The experts also say that the bills will drop significantly if you use a refrigerator with a star. Also, try to buy a new model, after 2001. They also consume less even if they do not have the star logo. Some experts say the Kenmore refrigerators are the most energy-efficient. Also, the Sun Frost refrigerators have a good reputation for being energy efficient, according to the consumers.

Solar Powered Refrigerators

Another interesting option for you is the solar-powered refrigerator. This has a solar cell that stores energy. There is a solar panel that is placed on top of the building and it picks up the energy from the sun. And we all know that solar energy is cost-free. Even if they cost a lot, solar-powered refrigerators are a good long-term choice.